Because you are your own self, you are an awakened masterpiece of God, you are peace, you are beauty, you are love, you are sent by God, God made you valuable even before you are born and it is an eternal gift. God didn’t create a masterpiece to ask others: is it good enough? Is it smart enough? Is it spiritually correct enough? Is him/her worth living? Is it worthy of love, respect, wellbeing? Stop insulting God the creator of all that is! Stop insulting God! Stop manipulating God! God made us, God loves us eternally, God gives us value and respect and freedom to be ourselves. We do not need your appreciation or your approval. God is above and belew and everywhere around you! God is eternal. You do not mess with God. It is an insult to your own soul, to the divinity inside you…


But the influence, thelepathically, energetically, verbaly and nonverbaly is there. Become aware and this helps people understand and manage their own influence on others and the way they manage what they feel and think. Walk in nature, do Reiki, breathe, read, listen, watch inspiring things, meditate, do yoga poses, dance, sing, TAO, follow your inner life purpose, observe more, choose and expand thoughts that interest you the most. The others, let am go. Place yourself in emvironment that compliments your energy, learn assertive communication, organise and manage and direct your own life. Be smart and efficient, use your brain and your heart, your good senses and intuition.

„Consistently and constantly denying… deny, deny, deny… ones own responsibility to one’s own life; the outcomes, and consequences of one’s way of thinking, feeling, being and doing; always projecting the blame onto someone or something else, never assuming responsibility for one’s own way of being, thinking, and doing; one will consistently and constantly, repetitively find themselves running the same hamster wheel of life, getting nowhere but the same repeated experience time after time after time throughout an eternity of lifetimes, until one learns to admit their Truth to themselves and BE their change. By the way, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over while expecting different results. Know Thyself and Unto Thee, ALL things shall BE Known. Admit your Truth to yourself and Be the Change. Awaken! Live and BE in Existence from the Integrity of Soul and Universal I AM Presence! 💖”

See Medicina Germanica, Lise Bourbeau, Louise Hay, Valeriu Popa, Bruce Lipton, Masaru Emoto, Maharishi Effect, The Intention Experiment book by McTaggart, Tao, Tai Chi by Master Mantak Chia, Reiki distance healing, energised silence, energy distance healing, Nature, Meditation, Breathing, Ray Maor,cleansed therapy crystals, grounding, relaxation, fitness, laughter, good communication skills, healthier and more aware lifestyle etc

It is our responsability to have more body awareness, to breath, to work with our emotions, to allow ourselves to observe and become more aware. A doctor can facilitate that, but is my body, my responsibility, my work, my healing, my Allowing welness and ease of energy flow in my own body, my journey… My awareness…

When empathy or constant „reality observation” is repeatedly upsetting us, making us sad, judgemental, stuck in patterns of feelings, of thought, of drama, lack of creativity, of efficient simple solutions, feeling lonely, atached to people, situations or conditions, emotions, let me tell you something: that is not empathy, that is not realism, that is not service, that is not love, that is putting you down, that is causing dis balance, dis ease, dis empowerment, that my friend, is Self Sabotage…
Learn to under inner stand this, recognise this and step away. Step into your own center, balanced, free, creative, energised, appreciative, seeing the contrast but also the good and improving it, but first for yourself, by constantly taking care of your state of mind, body, spirit, keeping your allignment. You cannot get sick enough, dumb enough, furious enough, pour enough, confused enough to help others. It doesn’t serve anyone. You cannot be a role model from that place, not even for yourself, in your own life…

Folks, I’ve tried to make what follows as simple as possible, but the following is the best I can do. It’s dense only because it’s compacting a lot of ideas in one post that usually takes a whole book or a whole college course to explain. But no need for that, it’s all in what follows:

The biggest problem with Ontological Mysticism is how physical, external, structural, hard, impenetrable and immovable matter seems to be. We don’t even say it „seems” to be hard and unchangeable, we really believe it is. In fact, we have it backward: It seems that our beliefs reflect the reality of matter, instead of matter reflecting our beliefs.

So how do we handle this? Well, we can keep hammering ourselves with the truth that we live in a belief-built world until it seeps into our subconscious. That’s what metaphysicians and mystics like Emma Curtis Hopkins and Mary Baker Eddy used to have to do.

But now we have tremendous inroads in advanced nuclear physics that have blown the lid off of any ideas of matter being physical, structural, hard or substantial.

Alfred North Whitehead had the best was of putting it. We used to think that matter was composed of ultimate particles which HAD characteristics, but now we know that the particles are actually OCCASIONS of characteristics that arise mutually with their environment.

And quantum physics makes it very clear that the behavior of matter on the subatomic level is profoundly affected by the consciousness that is apprehending it. Matter is nothing more or less than a form of thought itself – vortex of thought in consciousness. Matter responds to our beliefs because it’s actually made of the same stuff, dream stuff, the stuff that dreams are made of: Consciousness.

We can dream at night of bashing our head into a hard „material” concrete wall, but the hardness is only in the dream and when we wake up we know the concrete was not material at all, but just dream stuff, just consciousness appearing as form and story. We’re living in an awakened dream, a shared dream, but a dream nonetheless.

When our nighttime dream becomes lucid, when we know we are dreaming at night, we suddenly find that we can make the dream do whatever we want because it’s just made of dream-stuff. Similarly, our wakened dream is made of dream-stuff. We are not what is dreamed, we are the dreamer, we are the consciousness that’s aware of the dream.

So we return again to the fundamental fact that consciousness is all there is and all else are nothing more than thoughts in consciousness, and hence can be modified.

How to do that is a matter for another Facebook post, but what I’ve been writing about is the essential foundation for doing that.

Ben Gilberti

Good stuff, Ben! 😊

Way before Mary Baker Eddy and Emma Curtis Hopkins, Hermes Trismegistus wrote about the allness of Mind . He knew then that what appears as matter are ideas in Mind. It’s all mind stuff.

Speaking about bashing on something hard.

One time I was walking out of this bookshop when this guy walking by bashed my knee (yes, the same knee) with his heavy briefcase and walked off. He wasn’t even aware he’d done it. My knee buckled with pain. I quickly reversed the situation by reminding myself that all is Love. Therefore, Love (man) carrying Love (briefcase) brushed against Love (my knee) and all I felt was Love. The pain was instantly dissolved and my knee was back to normal. 😁

Cheers, Ben! Enjoying your posts! ❤

Enoch. Joseph