Communication in life can be seen as an iceberg,the surface above the water is the manifestation and the surface underneath the water represents the reasons, the subtle communication and the subtle reasons, the subtle interactions between people.

We communicate with our eyes, with our face, gestures, attitude, we say a lot with our relaxation or lack of it, with our inner peace, with our words, tone of voice, posture, choice of words, speed, the intentions and of ours with our actions.

And sometimes people can have challenging behaviors which need forgiving, putting into their own place but also connecting with them but disengaging from unwanted unhealthy behavior, reinforcing peaceful, harmonious, wise and healthy behavior but most of all keeping in mind that I Have the Honor, the Privilege and the Right and Gentleness of Being myself. And so does everyone else.

How much do we appreciate about others, how much do we worry? it depends on every one of us to work wisely with clues such as fear or worry, because they can serve us only up to a certain point. The most important aspect is that maintaining a certain state, mental or physical is usually a choice, and it depends on the individual, that means that every one of us have power and responsibility over our thoughts, feelings and state, learning to use it to our advantage.

Keep track of your feelings. What is underneath them? Feelings are generated by thoughts even though it can seem an automatic response, they are still generated by frequent thoughts pattern that you can change if you wish.

Are your thoughts serving you? Are they, your thoughts peaceful, loving, appreciative of yourself, the world and others? Do your words, behaviors, thoughts energize you, give you enthusiasm, love, peace and health in your body and mind? Where do you put your focus? On solutions, on appreciation, on seeing what already is and what can we do with what we already have built up until now?

Keep a good mental state and space because it does enormously for you and others. God is on your side, the divine intelligence of the universe is within you and everywhere around you, choose to tune into it. Choose to tune into the love of your cells, your every cell is love and peace and wants you highest good. God, divine universal intelligence love and wisdom is for you, is on your side.

Bring efficiency to your own mind, body and spirit. Keep track of your mental patterns, of your time, money, habits, the words you choose and where you give your outmost enthusiasm and  feeling. Is it for the news or drama soaps, or TV shows? Acknowledge that for many of those a lot of energy is required. Detach from the drama, in your family, in your community and rather look for solutions. Why? Because you want to direct your best energy for the better, for loving the good in your life and making better.

Sometimes the more naughty people are, like children, the more attention and appreciation and love they need. Sometimes you need to disengage from them, from their behavior, to distance yourself from them. However, it is so beautiful to fill their love tank. Gary Chapman in his book writes about The Five Love Languages : words of appreciation, acts of service, quality time, touch, gifts. Acknowledge which is you predominant language of love and how you want it expressed to you and inform yourself and understand the love languages of other people.

Do several gestures of love and appreciation and watch them bloom and expand, become generous, more loving and caring. However, some people continue their tests, mostly because they feel into us, they are sensitive both with the good and bad within us. And they want to understand life, to expand, and so they test life and life tests us thorough them. In these moments:

  • disengage respectfully, know your limits and your priorities
  • make a SWOT analysis for the benefits of your collaboration: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats;
  • make time for yourself, to see and admire the sunset, the flowers, your wonderful breath
  • follow your breath, your inner guidance and intuition, speak your truth with love…. today

Through all these you gain mental clarity, you can think logically, working on facts, step by step, you understand in detail but also in overall, connecting with your own self and also feeling in the others heart.




What if the Peace of the World depends also on your choices, on your habits?

What if the world wealth, health and peace depends on your thoughts, your feelings, actions and words? How would you behave, what would you choose to think, feel, do and say?

How would you spend your days, how would you spend your every moment knowing you have this responsibility, this honor and this power. How would your life look like if starting today you gain this understanding?

Do you think that if a person looses enthusiasm about their heart and life purpose, would still have enthusiasm to do what you want? How do you think that this person would feel like, how about his mental state, his emotions, what about her health and her reactions?

And how would that influence you on the short term and on the long term to have a child, a colleague, a neighbors, students, clients or other people you interact with?

How would they behave, how would they feel to be around, in this tight bubble, how is it to be near depressed, over-eating, shopaholic, alcoholic, workaholic, sad, nervous, anxious, furious, frequently ill people etc

How would you think that their influence will be on the world? How do you think that the nonverbal, verbal, actions of sabotage will affect people on small or large scale, on short and long term?

How would that affect environment, social atmosphere, institutions, etc

Lets just look in detail but also in overall. We do have responsibility and power in our lives and around us. And if you think you do not do it on purpose but „you have to”, you „must”, „this is how it should be, this is how its’ been done since forever” learn to question, who says that? and why? where did you learn that from? is it really correct? And most of all is it really more important than a person, is it really more important than life, my life, your life, others’ lives?

„Must”, „Should”, „Have to” are illusions, merely words because situations and people are different and its good to really see the people in front of us, to connect with them

Connect with your soul, connect with the soul of the other person to have a variety of perspectives and have good boundaries and awareness.

Lets’ serve our own life, our abilities, lets serve the world with our talents and passion and support the others’ joy, abilities and passions, or at least respect their life choices. I have the right, the duty, the privilege and the honor to be myself and its true also for you, for him, for her, everywhere around the world. Lets honor, appreciate, be gentle with ourselves and others.


Forgive me because I didn’t know how to trust myself, life and faith that everything is going to be all right
Forgive me that for so long I didn’t know how to love, to listen, to understand, to see, to appreciate
Forgive me because I still look at the world through the eyes of fear, uncertainty, limitations, my own or others’
Forgive me I didn’t know to wear my fears, my sufferings, my weakness, not even joy, happiness, talent or my own beauty with dignity and relaxation
Forgive me for the theater I played only to please others because I didn’t know how or I didn’t have the courage to be me authentically
Forgive me for the known or unknown sins, for the said or unsaid sins, forgive me
Forgive me that because you were close to me, sometimes you were my mirror, forgive me
And wear your soul, your beauty, your honor because there is so much well being, prosperity and joy and love in you.

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To be here and now is a state of mind, of breathing, of admiration, of being present with whatever pain or sadness or joy and letting it teach you what is beyond it all

it makes us stronger and wiser and maybe most important, in attune with love, with prosperity, with what we really are, pure joy and wisdom and loving energy

  1. Keep track of you habits: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. Continue your good habits and gradually implement new ones. Wake up early, make a fun enthusiastic routine for you in the morning. Sun gaze at sunrise to energize, awaken, heal yourself and expand your potential and your awareness. Write in your dream journal immediately after opening your eyes. Meditate, make breathing exercises, tai chi, qi qong, make eye exercises. Strengthen your mental, emotional and physical core in this way. Do affirmation, watch inspiring videos, do your own creative work, serve the world.
  2. Question your mood, your thoughts, every moment of your life. Is it from you, or is it from others’ suggestions, or looking down on you, from others’ lack of love for themselves or life? Become aware and only make space in your life for good constructive words, gestures and actions, for harmony, appreciation and empowerment, for love and inspiration. Every moment of sadness and worry or fear is a moment where we can put more love, more joy, wisdom, peace, mental clarity, intelligence, harmony and creativity. Understand words and thoughts and feelings have power. Where do you put your power? Where do you put your energy, time, attention, inspiration? So keep your good habits, talk less, feel more, send your thoughts to love, faith, talk less, feel more, send love and peace and healing and harmony into your words, feelings, thoughts and actions. What are you creating? Commit to beauty, peace, love, harmony, blessings, health and well being.
  3. Care for yourself. People around you, life on Earth is counting on this. Care for yourself, love yourself, be kind to your mind, body. Trust in your divine guidance, trust in your journey, expect good things to happen. Sociologists like Les Giblin in a study held on a period of ten years says its good to communicate good expectations, to communicate the trust you give to employees so that they raise to the expectations.
  4. Cultivate your power, mental clarity, communication and diplomacy, your love, joy and health. These are best tools in my opinion. I cannot stress enough how much it can benefit someone from learning to discern their own feelings, thoughts and reactions, to learn to discipline them, not to react but to answer or simply to disengage from unhealthy situations, discussions or environments.
  5. Cultivate my passion, I give time, energy and focus to my enthusiasm, inspiration and vision. This is how we serve the world. How would you feel, how would you behave, what would you think if on one day you would realize that your thoughts and feelings are connected to the minds, energy and body of other people and nature?
  6. What makes you bells ring? What inspires you? Appreciate what brings you joy, wisdom, inspiration. Give time, attention, energy and enthusiasm for what you love. This is how beauty, health, wealth and prosperity increases, develops, expands. This is how your dreams and vision manifests into physical form. Think of what you love, imagine how you would feel to already have it, so imagine it, feel it. In this way you align with it, with this good blessed mental and physical state and it gives the brain the opportunity to open new fields and new possibilities, to observe new ways and solutions, to create inspired thoughts, feelings and actions. Good action with good results on long term comes from inspired thoughts, feelings and inspiration, passion, preparation, faith and dedication.
  7. Question your beliefs. Even the most „logical” ones. Filter the so called „common sense” suggestions, free yourself from limiting beliefs such as: advertisements or medical advice such like „you have to eat protein to be healthy, meat is full of protein, so you have to eat meat, cheese and eggs to get proteins”- this is limiting belief, there are many vegans out there with healthy kids, in truth meat and dairy in big quantities can have more disadvantages – see The China Study, you just have to get real abut food, be creative, ease yourself into it; „you have to disinfect that and that to be healthy” – diseases are created first as an inner conflict in the mind through fear, shame, guilt, low self esteem, fear of nature, understand the connection mind body, why? because mind and body is one! heal your fears, solve your inner conflicts and you are most likely one of the most energetic, healthy, creative and beautiful persons on Earth. for this see Germanic Medicine, Lise Bourbeau, Bruce Lipton, David Hawkins. Step outside the box with the video How to Defy Convention and Become Truly Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani.
  8.  Cultivate freedom within yourself, go out in nature spend time by yourself, close computers and gadgets, read and listen to inspired teachers but most of all make time to connect to the inner guidance, your inner teacher, Your Inner Master. Clear your thoughts and beliefs and manifest prosperity, well being, joy by choosing happiness.
  9. Meditation and mental discipline helps re-establish and strengthen mental clarity, calmness, mental strength, attention, motivation, joy of life, better relationships.
  10. Move the body, mind and body are one. Connect to your senses to have good sense. Stay away from sugar, caffeine and milk. Milk is for babies, I am an adult and I choose to promote peace in my plate, in the chemistry of my body. In my experience it helps with awareness, joy of life, energy and creativity. So I eat fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, cereals. I drink spring water or simple tap water which I filter, or I just bless it, I bless the food, I set wonderful peaceful prosperous healthy loving harmonious intentions and gratitude and appreciation for mother earth, people who facilitate it with their work, father sun, the wind and clouds, the rain and every known and unknown blessed loving aspects. By the way, there is possibility that there are approximately 10000 people called breatharians, living more on prana, through breath – and it seems it is not a joke. Ignorance is a disease, let free ourselves from it.
  11. I cultivate creativity, I expand my limits, I know my boundaries, I have the honor, the right and the privilege to be myself. I am grounded and centered. Everyone else has the right, the honor and the privilege to be themselves. I know my boundaries and I respect them in my daily life, I empathize with others but I know my  boundaries. And moreover I understand others and then I go in a space of mental prosperity well being and health by expanding my awareness. There is no joy and no life in joining someones’ misery and creating more misery, resenting one another for it. I choose to disengage from that and organize my time, my schedule to facilitate meditation, sport, water, healthy nutrition for myself and my family.

1. Mental Clarity and good connection with the subconscious mind, creativity and enthusiasm, inspired messages. (Sonia Choquette – connecting to the higher self meditation)
2. This is why is good to keep a journal near the bed and write in it the dreams, inspiration and wisdom.
3. Me time for energizing with sunrise Sun Gazing – but you can also sun gaze at dawn.
4. Hydration and getting the digestive, circulatory system going for better temperature and physical and mental effort adaptation improving health and work efficiency.
5. Time for physical exercise, walk barefoot in nature, breathing exercising (shamanic ones, Tantra Movement workshops), meditation, Tai Chi – Mantak Chia, Qi Qong
6. Doing my own creative work in peace and quiet efficiently bringing me life enthusiasm and joy of accomplishment.
7. Later in the morning I can serve myself, others and the world with more patience, appreciation and devotion.
8. Life gets better and better, you don’t even need to brag you just feel and ease into it, see the results and maybe then tell others if the ask for the reasons you feel so energized, optimistic, healthy and inspired and easy going.
9. Making time to go to the local market, enjoying the experience and the blessed food of Mother Nature.
10. More time for more clarity in setting good intention for the following days, for making affirmations, listening to nature, to inspiring materials, for the miracle of sunrise sun gazing.
11. Getting more in tune with the subtle self, with the essence. Connecting and feeling the heart and into other people (Jasmuheen, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer). Acknowledging what is and thus understanding and clarifying what we want, focusing more and more each day on appreciating what is, the journey and what we want.

1. „Where you hit and where it breaks” you may really never know. People are different even though you may have much in common.
2. This is why I stay away from assumptions. Assumptions are based on my perceptions of my experiences. They may give clues but there is a lot of variety on Planet Earth on many obvious or subtle levels, material, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, physical. So, to relax, breath, follow loving, harmonious, respectful inner guidance. I let the love spring overflow prosperous in my life, in the life of others and over the world. Self awareness, checking in with the feelings, building self awareness clears reality and balances the dynamic „what I give is what I get”.
3. There may be much more and much different about a person or situation. Do we open to possibilities? To infinite totality of possibilities? (Louise Hay – Totality of Possibilities).
Life on Earth offers generously a platform to work on but in order to really find and connect with myself, to strengthen the connection with the Source I allow myself to unlearn and allow the inspiration of the Universe that created my organs, the starts and planets, the millions of galaxies and Mother Earth to flow through me.
4. The truth is within me all along. I make time to move my body, to grow my own food or make time to go to the local market from time to time, to get water from a nature spring, take walks in parks and forests. Getting in contact with my own senses, to meditate, sense with my fingers, my skin, with my smell, sight and hearing. Dancing, doing Tai Chi – Mantak Chiar – yes, he is still alive and kicking 🙂 Qi Qong etc. Dance, get in contact with your own uniqueness.  Hugely important.
5. Spending time with kindred spirits even if that means spending time with Dalai Lama, Robin Sharma, Ralph Smart, Teal Swan, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Deepack Chopra, Sarita, Layla Martin. Making quality time with natural spiritual leaders, coaches, psychologists. There is so much wonderful useful and grounding information out there to facilitate your connection with yourself, to facilitate discovering, uncovering the master creativity, love and inspiration and harmony and peace within ourselves.
6. Emotion=Energy in Motion (see Ralph Smart Infinite Waters) and Emotions are generated by the thoughts, the thoughts patterns and habits. Becoming more aware of our attitude and thoughts we have on things (Change your frequency to change your life video at A- Fest with Christine Marie Sheldon, etc). Note your thoughts for a week. So Words, gestures, attitudes can be energy movers. Mastering energy moving with your smile, thoughts, jokes, tone of voice, posture and attitudes. Setting an atmosphere of neutrality and balance or more joyful, harmonious, authenticity and compassion.
7. Embracing new ideas, making new mental and physical habits and routine for the following 60 days. Attending seminars like A Fest, Tantra Movement workshops, NLP workshops, Shamanism like Tobias Lars, video consultations with Ralph Smart, Teal Swan, prananadi or reiki sessions etc and using the skills and tools in the daily life to experience it for yourself. Pace yourself, I trust my good flow, I know I am on my way, every day it gets better and better and I stay with it: Intuition Experiment Book, Maharishi Effect, Water Messages etc
8. Free my spirit and mind. I become the butterfly, I fly easily over the ideas and situations collecting and focusing on beauty, nourishment and spreading love, prosperity and creativity and appreciation.
9. I move the energy with my breath to strengthen mental power and energy freedom. I become more and more aware of the electricity in my body and how it moves and I freely choose the path of love, enjoyment, creativity and respect. I am myself and others have the right to be themselves. We are free. I focus on the best outcomes, I give love to what I love, I appreciate all the good and amazement that is already here. Me being myself heals and empowers and prospers the world. Krya Yoga Fire Breath, Tai Chi – master Mantak Chia, Qi Qong…
10. Expressing the voice in the deepest raw manner through voice exercises, connecting with the heart and feelings and letting them out, mantra singing, yawnking, Kundalini Yoga Music, loving, empowering, grounding OM and harmosious music.
Appreciating life, having manners, showing respect and love at the deepest level – starting with the respect and honor of the mind – devotional thinking. Showing respect and love and gratitude for all blessings – at least 5 things at day.
11. Mental exercises and mental power. Good posture and flexibility in the body is good for the mind because body and mind is one, interconnected and one influences and uplifts the other. Training my thoughts language and mind for the best. Using better words, daily inspiration, writing reading poetry and connecting with heart and soul to our unique loving wonderful essence.

1. Breathing exercises for each part of the body, tai chi, shamaninc breathing, qi qong; morning affirmations, devotional gratitude thinking: Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks, The Power by Rhonda Byrne.
2. spend time in nature, hug a tree, stay near a tree for 30 minutes, get outside with your kids and listen to them, they are wise and clear
3. Movement, dance, sport, creativity
4. Express you voice lovingly, connect to your heart, listen to Kundalini Yoga Music or mantras, sing and let it all  you are processing out once and for all by singing, crying, dancing.
5. Fruits and vegetables, season/local ones, spring water if possible; enjoy more what is there for you (a tree, a spring, grass, sun, birds, natural food: Ralph Smart
6. Sun gazing in the sunrise or dawn
7. Stop agreeing or disagreeing when others speak, practice feeling in your own heart and soul, in the hearts of others: Ralph Smart, Teal Swan, Louise Hay.
8. Get in contact with your senses: take as much time as possible every day to give love for what is close to your heart – feel, hear, see beauty wherever you go, opening your perceptions for this: the sunrise, the grass, clothing, a smile, a good song, a good joke, the texture of the food, the thunder or song of a bird etc
9.  Give thanks for the body, massage your body; become aware of the 5 love languages
10. Circulate the energy, see Mantak Chia, Tantra Movement, Rasayana Tantra Academy.
11. Serve the world through doing what makes you come alive, following your passion more and healing the planet, empowering spirits, setting a model of life love and well being for all of us. You matter, you are important for all of us, for the mother Earth. We are always guided and supported, we are all in the womb of Mother Nature.