Consent, Religion, Spirituality, Politics, Agama Yoga, MISA

Mintea umana e capabila de multe lucruri. Atat cea feminina cat si cea masculina.

Maestrii nu trebuiesc pusi pe un piedestal. Nici daca sunt crestini si nici daca sunt oameni de stiinta, profesori si nici daca sunt oameni politici. Indiferent de statut e nevoie sa tinem cont de cultura consimtamantului informat, liber declarat si entuziast atat in plan fizic, mental, emotional…

Incalcarea consimtamantului asupra propriului corp, a propriei minti si a propriei energii este un atentat la siguranta universala.

De aceea pe mine nu ma intereseaza daca esti educator, profesor universitar, psiholog, medic, om de media, crestin, musulman, etc nu ma intereseaza nationalitatea sau orientarea sexuala, ma intereseaza in primul rand daca stii respecta dreptul la viata, la opinie, la propria experienta, dreptul la propriul corp, propria minte si propria energie.

Insa materialele pe care le-am vazut de la Agama Yoga imi par f bune. Mi-as dori sa fie respectati mai mult yoghinii atat in tara la noi cat si in strainatate. Si sa se respecte mai mult pe ei insisi. Valabil asta pentru fiecare din noi de altfel.
Yoghinii totusi aduc o cunoastere esentiala pentru bunastarea planetei.

Insa, oricat de intelepti ar fi oamenii experienta m-a invatat ca ei tot au anumite limitari. Indiferent de religie sau curent ideologic…

Crestinismul a fost implicat in cele mai mari masacre dar parca tot yoghinii sunt mai blamati! Rusine pentru aceasta orbire! Mari dezastre

De asemenea, sub normele asa zisei moralitati ascundem multa frustrare, blocaje, agresiune, manipulare, dominare pe care societatile le-au imprimat educatiei, religiei, locurilor de munca si familiilor.

Din pacate prin exagerare si exces de zel s-a dat la o parte cunoasterea vietii despre corp, stil de viata sanatos, exprimare, vocatie, creativitate, sexualitate, intimitate.

Costul? Saracia, separarea, conflictele pe toate planurile, nefericirea, distorsionarea planurilor mentale, fizice si energetice si ale mediului. De unde si dezastrele si razboaiele, atentatele, etc. Poftim moralitate, cultura, siguranta si sfintenie.

Multumesc dar nu, multumesc! Sa le pastreze pentru ei.

Cat ii priveste pe cei de la MISA eu au avut parte de multa denigrare, defaimare si alte abuzuri psihice, fizice, religioase din partea autoritatilor submise unor religii totalitare si politice… Nu li s-au respectat multe din drepturile esentiale ale omului.


Beware of sexual, mental and emotional conditioning

[Venting] [sexual, mental, emotional conditioning]

What I would like to point out is that in Romania, but not only, I have experienced a situation: when I would talk about tantra or continency, some of the people would either say its wrong or some would have an attitude of:

-” having orgams is natural and good so therefore you should always have one. Or two or three. And of course its natural to bleed, to have menstruation.

Actually we will manipulate mentally and emotionally, consciously and subconsciously, stress you, bellitle or pressure you, stigmatize and infantilise you until you will want one (or untill you have your period, that’s how many women get it) . Or two, or you know what? Have three! Come, come, three… ”

Even in the media I would listen almost every day about how important it is to get things done…and it may not refer only to work. Because we know work is endless as well.

Somehow, if we don’t meet the others people’s image about sexuality or period or mentaly opening up, some people feel entitled to abuse „to make things work”…as if that is any good. Parents, teachers, neighbours, friends, priests, lovers, etc. All for the „good”. We have a saying: „all wish you well, beware they not take it away”…

I think at this level refers the 3D perspective as well. The conditioning of orgasm as a way to manipulate and control. But in my opinion it leads to disasters…

I am not saying tantra is for everyone, but less pressure on sexuality could be healthier. And less abusive. Not push and not suppress either.

Not all people in tantra are compatible with one another and not all have the same vision, quite the contrary.

Again, its about good boundaries, inner freedom, consent, observing what is healthy for you and what not, on short but also on long term, mentaly, emotionaly, physicaly, etc.

The „thing” about mental health issues

The „thing” about the so called mental issues can also consist, in my opinion, in being under pressure and abuse for too long that it has negative effects upon the one trying to cope with them. And since societies have their base on war and domination, the religion, politics, history, education, science and family life and media are affected by these paradygms to our current days… The paradygm of one against the other, dividing, either – or mentality, fight or flight, etc. So I prefer to use little reference to these aspects since there is nuch blurr about these notions… For more reference see for eg. Ralph Smart channel on youtube.

Science, Healing and Knowledge

Inspire Nation and other channels show internationally recognized therapists, psychologists, parapshychologists explaining we can heal our bodies, that we have potential we need to cope with by understanding it:

See also Psychologyst and criminologyst Ralph Smart. Thank you

Unfortunately many people have been demonised and abused by churches and/or institutions based on preconceptions, politics, stereotipes the so called „science” which emerged in the last centuries. When in actuality we have even more clear information related to the mind-body-spirit in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and Native American Medicine…the return and acknowledgement of true knowledge supporting modern civilisation.

What we might call „demonic intrusion” can actually be just the suffering that we intercepted from another person, mechanism created by life and nature to protect the species and balance of the Earth. This is why in many religions and cultures we have the practise of compassion because species and humans even from different parts of the world are interconnected, when some are starving or very hungry (and especially here I speak from my experience) others, even though they already ate, seem to be more and more hungry, or in other cases jeaulous, afraid, etc. And they don’t know where its comming from. Once again, respect and compassion, creativity, using our potential, stop domination and abuse of minorities, etc. Its hurting us all.

Voices can also be linked to inner dialog some of it can be opposed dramatically to the very essence of the child. The „parental voice”, „teacher voice”, „child voice” should complement one another but not dramatically oppose. This is why self work, self healing and „knowing thyself” is so important in order to let go of reptilian brain mechanism „fight or flight” but rather through mindfulness observe it, let it go, develop personal standards, assert them, reach courage, understanding, confidence, love, peace, etc.
More to it would be the telephatical aspect or the energetical influence others exert knowingly or unknowingly. It depends also on the types of interaction, a subject of narcissistic abuse which suffers verbal and mental abuse can develop an overly working mind as a result, being drained of energy, confused, fearful and angry, depleted, but at the same time, depending on his/her construction, can polute the mental atmosphere to some degree, close by, or far.
Plus, the vital energies of the Earth are constantly moving and the programming doesn’t help us very much with that, quite the contrary, it overstimulates and blocks, thus, forcing people and nature to even greater effort, greater consequences… Thus, making people more susceptible to all kinds of distorrions from their souls’ plan, their own balanced potential…

Unfortunately sometimes science and/or religion use generical terms for the above mentioned phenomena keeping other people in limited thinking (such as an example – binary male XY or female XX when actually there are other 4 natural cathegories). This leads sometimes to abusing the already long abused patient, over decades maybe, verbally, mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically, through family, dogma, community and social pressure, lack of perspectives, abuse in intimacy or cult-religious abuse – even in christianity nowadays, etc. I myself known people who were said to have been „demonised” but their claimers kept their house, one of their nephwes is a priest… And yes, this has happend in our modern days and I am pretty sure there are other similar cases.. Its’ sad, because of fear no one else contacted them, not even relatives.. When I asked, repeatedly to see the person, the family repeteadly descouraged me. What I saw finally, was a weakened men, with saddness and fear in his eyes…the church kept promoting fear…

These have been and still are serious concerns of humanity, of human rights. And the abuse of the ancestors, their trauma, the fight/flight mentality hasn’t realy stopped, it merely changed it form. We still carry the unacknowledged burdens of crime, of domination in religion, politics, commerce and education which leak to mass media, communities and families. It is also known that the perpetuators of abuse don’t actually seek help, their victims do, if they manage to survive, be able to pay for consultations and actually receive beneficial support…which doesn’t always happen because of … limited perspectives and possibilities of social workers and therapysts and the victims’ ability to assert. They have been abused and coerced if they did, so they are handicaped in that way… But we haven’t really addressed these aspects in society, have we? How would a person or people with those burdens behave? And if their structure allowed them to deflect it to others energetically, what would then be the impact of our hypocrisy and ignorrance programming of „you should only be straight”, „you should never speak up in front of a parent/teacher/priest/boss but they can blame and criticise and insult and yell at you, deprive you, lie to you, coerce, talk ill about you and abuse you”, how long would anyone endure physically, mentally, emotionally? And what are the future perspectives for such people mentally, emotionaly, profesionally?

In my opinion it is a demonic aspect to have been as a religion, or society involved in biggest massacre, don’t admit it, or decrease its meaning, continue with fear, blame, shame, stigma, superiority, threatening, manipulative and abusive behaviour and everyday dogma and propaganda of self pity presentation through christian radio or in churches (of the several saint personal conflicts thousands of years ago) but not considering their own bigger Massacres, not personal conflicts, but Massacres and still present abusive behaviours in communities at national and international levels…. That is demonic reality and it has many implications because it establishes basis for separation, ill will, distortion, confusion, living in lie, and abuse in communities, in every day life. Yet, who addresses these aspects? The aspects of narcissistic and abusive behaviour in institutions such as churches, families, schools, media, business and even hospitals? What are the consequences for this? In my opinion the cases of „possession” or „demonisation” are severe consequences of the above aspects of severe repeated abuse over maybe many years, unrecognised by the community, put under the rug, even through conscious provocation causing bigger and bigger inner conflicts and thus bigger expressions of what is held inside because of abuse: helplesness, fear, anger, feeling numb or dead inside, separated from their own self, reactive, bleading energetically, mentally, not being able to self regulate intake and output of etheric information, emotions, etc. See, we as a society have used mental and spiritual abuse and thus dis ease to disconnect, to control people on political and religios basis, to stigmatise, instill fear, marginalise people, hide certain social realities, limit peoples’ access to their own truth, etc, Just an example…

My Word to Some of Muslim People

I saw a video with people dressed in white attacking with wood sticks and bats blocked cars in order to supposedly stop the from driving on Ramadam Holyday:

If these images tell that story I would tell to people:

This is abuse. They have no right to do this. It is a serious offence to human freedom of opinion, of movement, it is agressive and mentaly, emotionaly damaging for people and also damaging for theie valuea, for their time and money. It defies basic Human Rights, the ones that granted the possibilities of nations to live in peace together.

Discrimination is offensive but this is violent and more threatening and offensive. These people should be offered counseling, they should be asked to pay money or to stay a while behind bars. Christians didn’t have the right to kill and force native americans but neither muslims have right to force other people, not even their own. These aspects show some of the evil sides of religion. Many of them are however, subversive and hard to pinpoint by many people suffering the mental, emotional, social abuse, etc. Commerce, science and education and businesses are also greately impacted by it… Hope we move forward for better, more clear, free, peaceful and civilised world.